Amusing the Animals

June 8, 2010 at 1:43 pm Leave a comment

This summer (and year round), Maymont’s animal keepers, environmental educators, volunteers and even the kids in our summer camps will create new and interesting ways to keep our animals healthy.  Maymont uses animal enrichment to generate stimulating environments that meet the social, psychological and physical needs of the animals. Enrichment activities are offered at Maymont every day, and ideas are only limited by our imaginations.  While food is a primary source of animal enrichment, scents, sounds and training sessions are also used to enrich the animals’ lives.  For example, different colognes and spices are sprayed throughout animal exhibits periodically.  On hot summer days, our animal keepers introduce food items frozen in ice so the animals must make new choices to enjoy their treats. This is also a great way to help them stay cool in the heat.

Thanks to City Ice Company in Chester for donating lots of ice!

One of our otters checks out colored ice cubes with frozen fruit inside.


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The Loss of Liberty Keeping Our Critters Cool

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Buz Bireline, Director of Habitats & the Nature Center at Maymont

Buz Bireline

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