Aquarists to the Rescue

February 16, 2010 at 6:13 pm Leave a comment

In today’s post, I want to recognize our fast-acting friends of the fish, aquarists David Taylor and Katie Hagan, who recently caught and fixed a catastrophic failure of one of the aquariums in the Nature Center.  In December, an aquarium containing more than 1,300 gallons of water drained almost completely in a period of 10 minutes.  After seeing most of the fish and turtles swimming in small pools of water in the bottom of the habitat, Katie and Dave quickly diagnosed the problem (a break in a pipe that connected the life support system), got water back into the tank and built a temporary bypass around the break in the pipe.  Fortunately, the pipe failure happened during the day so the aquarists were able to save every fish (25 specimens) in the habitat.  All the turtles also survived without a scratch. 

Because of the aquarists’ swift response and professional skill, this emergency was quickly resolved, and we continue to focus on updating aging equipment in the Nature Center.  Since much of the life support equipment for the aquariums has to run 24 hours a day, it takes great care and lots of monitoring by our talented staff to be sure the animal habitats stay fully functional.  If you’d like to support our animal care team in their hard work, please visit the Nature Center, purchase a membership, volunteer or give a gift through the Adopt A Living Thing program.  Together, we all can help keep the animals healthy and happy.


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